Identity and Access Management Administrator


• Experience on Identity and Access Management and the operation of identity and access processes and controls for Active Directory, Email and Collaboration Platforms and cloud-based solutions;
• Previous experience with working in the back end of Identity Management systems;
• Experience delivering messages across a wide spectrum of individuals having varying degrees of technical understanding;
• Experience in Information Technology / Information Security / Identity and Access Management;
• Experience with user provisioning, de-provisioning, and access control concepts;
• Experience professionally providing customer service to frustrated customers

• Experience using Safeguard, Identity Manager, and Password Self-Service;
• Experience configuring and customizing OneIdentity products; including Safeguard, Identity Manager, and Password Self-Service;
• Experience and understanding of the following regulatory guidelines: Information Security Policies – Statewide; CISPs; Acceptable use policy; AUP



• Be involved in protecting data assets and implementing processes, tools and standards to run business efficiently, and securely; including maintaining regulatory compliance;
• Be responsible for access management for state applications, systems and resources while ensuring compliance;
• Be responsible for going into the back end of the IAM Identity Manager system to perform daily tasks;
• Support the development team with ticket backlog for accounts that need further verification, have incorrect data, and/or need to be transferred to different agencies;
• Attend team meetings to ensure the analyst is up to date with impacts, system changes, and process changes;
• Manage identity and access across state systems by providing the right person, and the right access at the right time;
• Ensure compliance with internal policies, support team standards, security, and regulatory requirements related to identity management